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Proper attire and good grooming are two of many elements that enhance the learning environment. They also help the student project a positive self-image and self-confidence to others. To assist our students in developing these qualities, we require every student to be in uniform each day. Non-Uniform dress passes are not valid on field trips and on school liturgy and prayer service days. This includes all aspects of the uniform. All students are expected to be in full uniform on days that we attend Mass and Prayer Services together. This includes a green or gray school uniform sweater.

All uniforms of clothing should fit properly: this includes the length and the waist of pants and skirts; the length of sleeves on sweaters and sweatshirts; the belts should fit around the waist properly and the ends tucked into belt loops. Parents and students are expected to be aware of this rule when they purchase their school clothing.

Parents and guardians who choose to send their children to St. Vincent's accept the judgment of the administration as final in matters of dress and appearance at school. Any article of clothing which may be removed (sweater, jacket, skirts, jumpers, shoes, etc.) during the school day must be clearly marked with nametags. Articles found will not be held more than five (5) school days unless a nametag is clearly evident.

Non-Uniform Dress Policy

On those days when student earn Non-Uniform Dress Passes or when a Non-Uniform Dress Day is planned, clothing is expected to be of modest style, fit and length.

  • Jeans will be allowed if they are neat and tidy.
  • Socks and shoes must be worn. No sandals, flip flops, boots, etc. may be worn.
  • Dangling earrings and/or nail polish may not be worn.

Non-Uniform Dress passes are not valid on school Mass days, Prayer service days, or field trip days. School Masses and Prayer services are announced in the Family Newsletter.

The following apparel is never permitted at school or school sponsored events: sweats, stretch material, tight fitting pants, oversize overalls, t-shirts, especially those with inappropriate lettering or pictures on them, tank tops, cutoffs, clothing that displays alcohol, drug, tobacco products and/or obscenity, halter tops, underwear worn as outerwear, torn clothing, and clothing considered by the administration to be immodest.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an all-inclusive policy. Other forms of unacceptable appearance or attire may be identified as they occur.